This system is ideal for those looking for a low-cost dedicated server without great hardware requirements.

  • $99/month
  • $100 setup
  • 100GB/month bandwidth
  • Celeron Dual Core E1200 1.60 GHz CPU
  • 120GB (or larger) SATA II 7200 RPM 16MB Buffer (no RAID)
  • 512MB ECC RAM (max 8GB)


This system is ideally-suited for the client seeking a more powerful system including disk-level redundancy.

  • $300/month
  • $100 setup
  • 500GB/month bandwidth
  • 2.0GHz AMD Opteron processor (max 2 @ 2.6GHz)
  • 2x 250GB SATA disks (w/RAID)
  • 1GB RAM (max 4GB)


This system is geared for high performance and reliability, and can accept a wide variety of upgrades.

  • $500/month
  • $100 setup
  • 1000GB/month bandwidth
  • 2x AMD Opteron 2.6GHz CPUs (max 4)
  • 2x 73GB SAS disks (w/RAID, max 4)
  • 2GB RAM (max 16GB)
Servers utilizes a Class A Data Center to provide a safe, secure, and connected environment that your company requires for your critical data and network operations. These top-quality facilities provide multiple layers of security, including computer-programmed key entry, biometric scanning, and closed circuit video surveillance, as well as state-of-the art fire detection and suppression systems. To ensure maximum uptime, each data center includes multiple fiber connections through multiple providers, dual HVAC units, backup UPS and generator and redundant routing equipment configurations.

If you’re looking to lease a dedicated server for your custom requirements, we have several offerings, designed to accommodate varying budgets. Please understand the pros and cons of leasing a dedicated server versus opting for one of our hosting plans. If you already own rackmountable servers, you may be more interested in colocation.

All Dedicated Servers Include

All Dedicated Servers Include

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Free faulty hardware replacement
  • Choice of any O/S for self-managed systems
  • 1 public IP address
  • Multi-homed Tier 1 Carriers

Dedicated Server Upgrade Options

Dedicated Server Upgrade Options

  • IP addresses: $1/IP/month
  • Class C IP block (256 addresses): $100/month
  • SSL Certificate: $50/year or $5/month
  • Memory Upgrades: $50/month per GB
  • CPU upgrades: $75/month per 2.6GHz Opteron
  • Disk Upgrades & RAID arrays: Contact Us
  • Redundant High-Availability Setup: Contact Us
  • Server management option