Zimbra Collaboration Suite

The World's Leading Email Collaboration Platform
  • Migration Services

    $47.00 USD مرة واحدة
    أطلبه الآن
    • Mailbox migration from existing host to Seattle Server.

      * Mailboxes must be accessible from the internet using web based email.
  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite - Individual

    $5.00 رسوم إعداد
    أطلبه الآن
    • Individual Zimbra Powered E-Mail Account
  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite Package 1

    من $30.00/mo
    $10.00 رسوم إعداد
    أطلبه الآن
    • Full Calendar and Email integration for your growing business.

      5 Zimbra Powered E-Mail Accounts
    • Zimbra Mobile Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server single user license
  • Zimbra Business Essentials

    من $4.95/mo
    أطلبه الآن
    • Zimbra Business Essentials Suite