Clearing/Re-Syncing Local Folders in Outlook 2013


Messages that are moved from one folder to another, or deleted from a folder, may appear back in the original folder when Outlook is restarted. Moving or deleting messages in OWA might now show up in Outlook, and vice-versa.


The locally cached copy of the folders in question may have become corrupt.




Use the following steps to clear the local cache of an individual folder and force a re-sync from the Exchange server:


1. Within Outlook, right-click on the folder.

2. Click on Properties.

3. Click the "Clear Offline Items" button.

4. Click OK on the confirmation window.

5. Click OK on the Properties window.

6. Click on the Send/Receive tab.

7. Click Update Folder.


Outlook will download the contents of the folder from the server. Note this process may take a few minutes if there are many items in the folder.
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