How to turn off the Local Failure Notices in Outlook

Audience: Outlook 2003/2007 Users that are receiving Local Failure Notifications.

Who this applies to: Users that are receiving Local Failure Notifications, but are still able to send and receive emails from Outlook.

Prerequisites: Must have Outlook installed and connected to the mail system.

With recent updates to Zimbra, we can easily turn off Local / Server Failure notices that are sent to your Inbox.  Reasons why these messages come in will be listed at the end of this article.

  • From Outlook, go to the View tab
  • uncheck Errors to Inbox


Alternatively this can be done by editing the Registry

*** Warning Backing-Up Your Registry Before Continuing***

See Microsoft article for information on how to backup your registry.  Click Here to view the article

1. Click on the Start button and then Run

  • Type regedit


  • Expand SOFTWARE

    • click on Zimbra


3. On the right side of that window there will be a list, find the item that is turnOffInboxFailures

  • Right click on this and select MODIFY

    • Change the 0 to a 1
    • Click on OK


                                     0 = OFF / NO                                                                                            1 = ON / YES

4. Close the Registry Editor.


Why are these messages appearing in the first place?

  • From the Zimbra forums
    • In 5.0.10 we added the feature to create local failures instead of displaying bad MIME. There are some cases where the Outlook MIME converter can't handle the input. See bug 30282 for background.

      We then found that lots of local failure messages was somewhat annoying, so in 5.0.11, we fixed bug 32311. This will create just one local failure warning for these cases.

      The underlying cause, though, is a third party issue. Outlook can't handle the MIME.

  • We can also run a log file and look at the error message to figure out what information is causing the error to be displayed
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