Spam filtering

Everybody gets it, nobody wants it. Unsolicited E-mail (spam) is an enourmous problem for the modern business. As the volume of this junk mail continues to grow, more and more time is spent reading and deleting unwanted messages. In the past year, over 60% of all incoming mail was found to be spam.

We have taken great effort in created a 3-step antispam process, which eliminates virtually all spam in short order. First, incoming mail is checked against a blacklist of known spam sources. Only mail from non-blacklisted sources is accepted. This process alone identifies about 50% of incoming mail as spam and keeps it from reaching your Inbox.

However, spammers are constantly finding new sources to send spam from, and previously-innocent machines are exploited for this purpose fairly often. Phase 2 of our spam filtering involves examining every incoming message for attributes that indicate spam. If enough attributes are located, the message is filtered as spam. This rules-based approach filters out most spam that would otherwise make it into the Inbox.

Phase 3 is the most complex and intelligent, and exists for weeding out those last few messages, so that you only get real mail. It compares the contents of every message against all previous mail, and based on similarity to previous mail known to be spam, it is able to identify the last few spam messages which pass the rules-based system. You are even able to further train this process if it misses anything, simply by moving any spam you do receive into a special folder named “Spam”.

Spam filtering is included by default for all E-mail accounts we host, however you may choose to disable it if you prefer.