About us

SeattleServer.com was started in 1999 as a Seattle, Washington-based website hosting provider. Thanks to reliable service and quality customer response, it thrived throughout the technology bubble burst which put a lot of other providers out of business. However, at a point it’s growth slowed, as the original founders became more and more occupied with a new company they’d started to serve a new market. In late 2004, SeattleServer.com was sold and taken over by it’s current administration. The majority of 2005 was spent replacing the existing infrastructure with newer equipment with greater redundancy and performance, built around a more unified and feature-rich architecture. We are now proud to offer many services of unparalleled quality and reliability, with outstanding customer support.

We are a profitable, growing company, currently serving clients in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Venezuela.

We offer personal, friendly service, and will work with you on anything you need, whether you’re a small business, large enterprise, or even a single person. When you need high-performance, reliable service, SeattleServer.com is the best choice.