SeattleServer.com goes to great efforts to ensure that every client’s need is met as best and as quickly as possible. As a result, we have a loyal and satisfied client base, which we hope you’ll become a part of. Below are a few testimonials that our clients have sent in.

Customer Testimonial - The Britting Group

“You’ve been helping us for 4-5 years now with our email accounts, website development, website hosting, network administration, data management, etc. We’ve always been very happy with your service and your ‘cost saving’ approach you have with your clients in the IT business. It’s great to have a vendor who looks out for our wallet!

One of the websites you designed for us is consistently ranking on page 1 and 2 in the 3 major search engines for several important keyword phrases. Business generated from the Internet leads alone has more than paid for the charges of your services – A Great Return on our Investment!”

Scott Sanders, Associate Broker
The Britting Group of Keller-Williams Realty

Customer Testimonial - Verner & James, Inc.

“Over the past years we have been fortunate to have SeattleServer.com host our website, manage our email accounts, and create and manage our database site. Competitive pricing, rock solid hardware, state of the art software, creative and intuitive programmers, outstanding tech support, combined with 24-7 reliability. What more could we ask for?”

Kem Wilson, QA Manager
Verner & James, Inc. – v-and-j.com

Customer Testimonial - Electronic Engineering Sales

“Our experience with SeattleServer.com has been awesome! They have been our service provider for at least a year or so and will continue to be our service proivider for a long time. Their response time is above and beyond expectation. You also feel very confortable interacting with them when a problem arises. Now that they have taken on hosting our website, our time and efforts have been devoted to other aspects of our business. I highly recommend SeattleServer.com.”

Luci Flores
Electronic Engineering Sales – eesrep.com

Customer Testimonial - WebProdigy.com, LLC

“SeattleServer.com Inc. is webprodigy.com’s preferred hosting service for their Web site clients who need professional, friendly, and reliable hosting services. Their servers are faster than most that webprodigy.com has worked with. Their support far exceeds most hosting companies. If you know someone who’s looking for a local hosting company who exceeds expectations, we’d recommend that you tell them about SeattleServer.com.”

Lynn Wenger, Owner/Webmaster
webprodigy.comâ„¢, LLC – webprodigy.com

Customer Testimonial - 1st Rate Mortgage

“I have many good things to say about SeattleServer.com. Your customer service is fast, thorough and very friendly. SeattleServer.com takes the time to find out what their clients needs are and upgrades the system to meet those needs. I am very pleased with the service we’ve received.”

Windy O’Connor
First Rate Mortgage – 1ratemtg.com

Customer Testimonial - Pacific Window Coverings

“We are very happy with SeattleServer.com, both for the web hosting services provided and our email.”

Graeme Howard
Pacific Window Coverings – pwci.net

Customer Testimonial - MJW Services, Inc.

“I own a Landscape company and I never thought I would use the web like I do. I know the outdoors much better than computers and the internet. So when It comes to any questions I may have about our website and what it is capable of doing, SeattleServer.com is there with immediate attention to all my requests. They provide the same service we provide, which is excellent.”

Mike Wehrle, Owner
MJW Services Inc. – mjwservices.com

Customer Testimonial - Human Systems Knowledge Networks, Inc.

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend and recommend SeattleServer. They have been our hosting service provider for some time, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

What can you really say about a service; it’s good or you shop elsewhere. There are plenty of providers in the same business that offer good service at a competitive price. Occasionally however, you come across one that goes way beyond any expectations for what is provided and how it is provided.

With our past service providers, when we had technical problems, usually it was our problem, not theirs. To be fair, they were right, but we still had the problem. With SeattleServer, they have consistently helped us and even have solved problems that had nothing to do with them or the services they provide. The response time has been phenomenal. The level of technical support is unparalleled. It takes discipline on my part to not call upon them for problems that I know are with my software or hardware and not with host services. Their willingness to help and their technical knowledge and expertise give me confidence that I would get the right answer.

Finally, I have confidence that SeattleServer understands why they can grow in this competitive market and are able to recognize the competence and level of service that makes them stand out, and will continue to make them stand out and thrive.

We were shopping when we found SeattleServer. We are not shopping any more.”

Steve Neuendorf, VP Research
Human Systems Knowledge Networks, Inc. – hskni.com