Service Status Updates
  • OWA App for iPhone & iPad Retired – May 18, 2018

    Microsoft has retired its OWA (Outlook Web Access) mobile email apps OWA for iPhone, OWA for iPad, and OWA for Android effective May 15, 2018. These have been replaced with the newly revised “Outlook” app. The minimum requirements for Office apps on iOS or Android can be found here. For step-by-step instructions for setting up Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android, go here: Outlook for iOS and Android Help Center. &nbs

  • Office 365 Authentication Issue – May 12, 2018

    At approximately 9:30am Eastern, on Saturday May 12th, CloudPlus became aware of an issue processing authentication requests for certain Office 365 users signing on through the CloudPlus systems. After researching the issue, it was determined that the format of the requests originating from Microsoft was not being properly processed by the CloudPlus servers. Approximately 90 minutes after the issue was discovered, a corrective update was made to the CloudPlus servers. An additional 30 minutes were spent on testing, to ensure that the fix worked properly across a variety of Office 365 products and clients. The update that was made is a permanent change to the CloudPlus servers. There is no expectation that we should see this issue again. Please contact our support team with any additional questions or concerns.


    On Friday, January 5th, at approximately 5:00 pm EST, a false report of phishing issues on our main control panel site is causing the site to present a phishing and/or virus warning on some versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This is a FALSE warning, there have been no phishing issues with the site. In the interim you can use Internet Explorer to access the site. We have contacted the relevant parties about removing the false flags from the website. We will update as soon as we have more information. If you have concerns about the safety of the control panel site, this independent report from Google shows that the site has no unsafe content: