Service Status Updates
  • Outbound AT&T bounces – RESOLVED

    UPDATE 3:15PM EST: AT&T has reported that each of the new outbound IPs has been removed from their block list.  At this time, all email sent from our Hosted Exchange platform to AT&T-hosted recipients should be relaying as normal. During our process of improving email flow and performance for our customers, we have introduced a couple of new nodes to our outbound spam filter system.  As these nodes are brand new, they have limited reputations with other email providers.  The nodes are introduced gradually with minimal initial traffic to help build up their reputation.  Unfortunately it does appear that AT&T’s networks have blocked the new nodes by default.  As a result, a few users are seeing bounces when sending to recipients hosts by AT&T. We have sent a request to AT&T to remove the blocks for our new nodes.  AT&T typically honors these requests in a fairly timely manner, so we anticipate the blocks to be removed within the same day.

  • Holds

    Emails to ISP customers may result in a hold and/or delay. Currently, Optimum has an identified an IP address within the same range as one of our own addresses (but outside of our system) and is holding mail for addresses within that range. Again, the originating issue is outside of our network. We are working with both our spam filtering service and towards an immediate correction and permanent resolution to prevent this from happening moving forward.

  • O365 Transition Process Update

    We are updating the process for transitioning existing Office 365 customers to our platform. During this revamp, transitions can be started in the control panel but will be completed via a partially manual process. Please open a ticket with our support team and our engineering team will handle the rest of the process. All users and licenses will be populated into the control panel, just as would happen with the fully automatic transition process.  Our engineers and development team are working to complete the updates and we will apprise you of the restoration of the fully to automated transition process as soon as it is back in service.